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Welcome to Go Dead!

This site is dedicated to all things grateful and jam oriented in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But mainly, it's my music page.

My name is Jeff Faust and I play acoustic and electric bass guitar.

Jeff Faust Bass Player

My current projects:

Some of my former projects:

Some of my favorite events:

Some of my favorite jam bands:

I'm also working on an album of original songs written over the past 18 years and played in various projects.  Look for it on iTunes and other sites some time next year.

My favorite Dead show; Cornell University 05-08-77.  Give a listen HERE to this matrix mix from www.archive.org.  It's a blending of the sound board and various audience mic mixes which gives a unique and fresh feel to an old tried and true classic!


Special thanks to Carrie Korsgaard and Janice Wulf for all the great pictures used on this site!  If there is no name on the picture, it was probably one of them.


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